Premium Stainless Steel ComfortGEL® FORK

Premium Stainless Steel ComfortGEL® FORK

ComfortGEL® Micro Snips

ComfortGEL® Micro Snips


ComfortGEL® lawn and garden tools were made for exceptional comfort and control. We’ve engineered and developed this range of tools to provide you with hand-held solutions to cultivate, weed, preparing soil and maintain your property.
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LG 3624

• Used for turning and aerating soil and the development of seed-rows in gardens

• A substitute for rototillers in small developed gardens or raised-bed gardens

• Durable, heat-treated high carbon steel tines versus cast aluminum

•4 large 9-in. wide x 6-in. long steel tines

• All metal footplate will withstand high-load bearing pressure

• Quick release plunger to push out dirt and mud clots from tool between submersions into soil

US Patent # D838,150

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